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There are many advantages as to why you should be investing in Motorsports, but there are vital reasons why you should be investing in Christian. 

Christian comes from a background of strong racing heritage. His Father, Property investor, Hector Lester was one of the most successful Ferrari Challenge and GT drivers in the world, choosing only to race in a Ferrari over his career. A passion which Christian carries on but only now, it's a passion in the form of loyalty to his investors. 

Having been around racing cars and tracks from young, Christian started taking an interest in racing after going for fun to Eddie Irvine Sports in Bangor for recreational Karting. He then decided to have a go at real racing. In 2016 he graduated from Eddie Irvine's Race School Ireland which gave him a licence for competitive car racing. The tail end of that year, Christian chose to compete in Irelands Ford Fiesta Championship, skipping karting altogether. After some tests proving he had the pace and consistency over a race distance, he went on to place 7th and 9th on his first ever race weekend. 

It was decided the year after, he would compete in the Formula 4 British Championship, skipping completly, Formula Ford 1600's. A huge jump for someone with absolutely no karting experience and with only 2 car races under his belt. Some even told him the step up was even dangerous, but this didn't stop Christian.

The first test was at Donnington Circuit, England - a private test. After a day spent driving around learning the car and the track, at speeds well past 100mph, the session ended. Another mechanic which had been at the track when Lewis Hamilton first tested a car years before of the same power and weight ratio approached Christian's team manager to make a comment, one which no-one would have expected. Christian had shaved just under 5,5 seconds off Lewis Hamilton's time. Christian stated, "I wasn't told this until a few months later, reason being so not to think I had done enough to prove myself, or so I kept pushing on track." 

In the races that followed, to this day, Christian has had many ups and downs. He has shown he can race in close wheel to wheel situations with excellent overall race pace. Although Christian has had an overall top finish of Rookie 2nd, he has still far to go with his journey and a lot more to learn. Given the proper chance, as his friend whom is currently in Formula One as a driver for Scuderia AlphaTauri has stated, Christian can make it towards the top of the sport. 

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